Where Is NOA? Love Of Money Is Killing Our Youths!

By: Felicia Esame
Published: February 4, 2022

I have been horrified in the past one month. I have never been this  horrified before in my entire life. Those trending video clips that depict horrors that one never expected to see has jolted most of us as we have never been jolted before.

One could never imagine teenagers killing, beheading and roasting the head of a young girl all in the name of money and its false rituals! These are teenagers for God’s sake! These are people whose primary concern at such ages should be their books, and at most their exam grades. But, here they are engaging in atrocious murder for money. What a horror, what an indictment of our entire society! Their actions are mere symptoms of a very sick society. Not only did they kill the poor innocent girl, they cut of her head and were roasting it before they were apprehended. A society that worships money will breed kids that can kill for money.

The love of money is said to be the root of all evils. And we are living witnesses to what love of money is doing in our country. Indeed, the love of money is getting worse. It is the love of money, the very worship of money that is at the root of all these evils. I daresay that these kids are copying the examples of their parents and their culture. These kids have seen that money is the be all and end all in this land.

And by the way, are we not aware that there is little or no parenting nowadays in our country? This is a society in which both parents go out to work very early and return home very late evenings. When parents return late, they are often too tired to parent, so kids are left to be influenced by their peers and home movies that teach nothing other than love of money, not by hardworking but by blood ritual.

4 Teenagers Slaughter Friend’s Lover For Money Rituals In Ogun

Moreover, it is this inordinate love of money that is the cause of the monumental corruption in high and low places of both the public and private sectors. Those we elected or appointed to oversee our affairs have taken advantage of their position to loot our commonwealth. The majority of roads are in disrepair, the hospitals remain ‘mere consulting clinic,’ the number of schools and universities have quadrupled, yet our public schools are sorry sights, not fit for secondary schools talkless of universities.

We have become the poverty capital of the world despite our enormous human and material resources; our nation has been overtaken by kidnappers, bandits, insurgents, terrorists and all manner of outlaws, all thanks to the inordinate quest for money by both leaders and the led.

It is so sad that many Nigerian leaders including ministers, governors, former heads of state and others have turned Nigerians into paupers, while our commonwealth are in their foreign bank accounts. They are the reason why we have over 13million out of school children; lowest doctor-patients ratio in the world; nation of illiterates, terrorists, bandits, kidnappers and advanced fee fraud. And they did not stop at taking our money abroad; they have also polluted the society with their primitive display of wealth when they are holding wedding ceremonies for their children. The opulence of their homes, the luxurious vehicles they own and unashamedly display on social media and on TV would make Warren Buffet, one of the world’s richest men, known for his frugality, wonder whether we have leaders that think.

The bad behaviour of the political elite has been copied by upstarts who want to be like the politicians and compete with them in hosting lavish parties. That is why ritual killings are on the rise in our country. Young men in their early 20s are slaughtering their parents, children and others because they love money and are too lazy to work for money in the right way.

A few examples suffice. Recently the media was awash with the story of a mother and her son who killed the younger sibling for money ritual.

The son simply identified as Afeez Olalere confessed to the operatives of the Lagos State Police Command that his mother encouraged him to kill his kid brother for money rituals. He made the shocking confession when he was arrested by the Operatives of the Nigerian Police. The duo were caught during a stop and search operation along Itamaga Ikorodu Road in Lagos. He said, “My mother took me to an herbalist who told me if I want to be successful in the yahoo business I will have to sacrifice one life and that person must be a sibling to me.

“The things he would need to prepare a concoction with are his thumbs, his hair, fingers and a passport photograph. “So, we went back home and thought about it, then my mother suggested that we use my younger brother since he is just 21years old. “She also brought the poison which we gave him to eat. He died within 20minutes after consuming the food. I was the one who cut out the body parts needed. We then wrapped his dead body and headed to the mortuary.”

In Owerri, a woman identified as Eziada Chika Mbachu, escaped from her son, who stabbed her with a knife severally to kill her for ritual. It was gathered the incident happened at an apartment in Owerri.

According to an eyewitness the young man was the one who invited the mum and attacked the mother and inflicted several knife attacks on the mother. The woman escaped by shouting and calling for help with blood stains and wounds on her body. The neighbours heard of it and started rushing to help her. They rescued her. When the son saw many people coming he stopped attacking the mother. The police arrested the boy and took him to the station.

In Ogun State a  29-year-old herbalist, Baoku Gbuyi, confessed to the police that he, on behalf of a 27-year-old bricklayer, Olamide Odulaja, killed a woman, Modupeola Folorunsho, and her 4-year-old son, Peter Folorunsho, for money ritual. Police said the herbalist revealed that he had burnt the woman’s head with some other herbal materials, saying he gave it to the bricklayer, who contacted him for the ritual. The two were arrested by detectives following a report received at Ijebu Igbo division, from the victim’s husband.

Last year there was a story trending on social media on how ‘Yahoo’ young man tried to remove the eyes of his mother for money ritual. According to the story, Emma Eregarnoma invited his mother, Mrs Oke Eregarnoma, to his house on Caroline Street, Okuokoko in Delta State after he persuaded her that he had a surprise package for her. The surprise ‘package’ was to remove her eyes for money. Thank God that she fought the irresponsible son till help came from neighbours. The suspect was consequently apprehended and taken to the police station. Emma was detained at the Orerokpe divisional police headquarters in Okpe local government area, Delta State over the incident.

Similarly, a suspected ritualist in Offa local government area of Kwara State allegedly killed a nine year old girl, Faith Samuel of Onireke area for ‘ritual purposes.’ The suspect, Alade James, of Alawe compound, Offa, was said to have killed the victim and buried her with a N1000 note in what sources said was for money ritual. It was gathered that he ran out of luck after some residents got wind of the   incident and alerted the police. These aforementioned stories exemplify how low our country has sunk, all thanks to the love of money by our leaders.

The political leaders are being emulated by those who don’t have access to national resources like the leaders, but who believe killing people for ritual could make them rich. To stop this socio-economic decay in our polity the laws on corruption must be maximally applied no matter whose ox is gored. It is time to put a halt to ostentatious weddings and parties by political leaders and their offspring. There should be consequences for those in public office displaying unusual opulence even if they want us to believe that they had been rich before entering public offices. Our religious leaders should know that they are also responsible for this love for money by the young and old that is costing lives because they have failed to preach contentment but are quick to give front row to the high and mighty even when the source of their wealth are questionable.

The National Orientation Agency (NOA) also has a major role to play. There is need for urgent campaign to be mounted on dignity of labour, patience, contentment, and work as the only acceptable means of gaining money. Indeed, it does appear that NOA has gone largely AWOL as they say in the military.


SOURCE; https://leadership.ng/where-is-noa-love-of-money-is-killing-our-youths/


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