The Next Eagle Music Reality Show by The Eagle Media Team

By: Adenike Adeeko
Published: April 19, 2021

The NEXT Eagle Music Show is a nationwide talent hunt, powered by EAGLE TEAM MEDIA LIMITED, an Abuja-based independent media organization, formed by an assembly of the creative business and entertainment industry professionals with a common goal and the sole aim of changing the atmosphere of media and showbiz, in particular, as well as a diverse range of other services including branding, talent grooming/management, media consultancy, training, and so forth.

The Next Eagle has been brought forward to help refine and unleash the brightest of Nigerian musical talents for the global stage as the country’s music/creative industry continues to enjoy international attention, hoping to become a multinational singing/creative competition with a television franchise in countries around the world. Hence, our focus is currently directed towards unveiling the teeming Nigerian youths who are talented but limited economically, in one way or another and ultimately create a solid lucrative/profit oriented investment/sponsorship  avenue for organizations, companies, financial institutions, agencies, businesses, individuals, etc. who will find this platform worthy of investment, said the Managing Director, Eagle Team Media Limited/Executive Producer, The Next Eagle Music Show, Olatunji, Candy O. (Mrs).

“Applicants registration to participate in this show is free. This free registration model will open up the door for rush-in of participants, which will directly benefit sponsors who is to buy-into the registration forms on behalf of the applicants, as every applicant/contestant will automatically have to carry out certain requirements channeled to promote such sponsors’ businesses as a qualification to register or participate in the competition”.

She included that, “beyond the upcoming talented musicians who will directly benefit from the show, the show also benefits brands, business, and organizations, offering them a global stage and heightened consumer focus and buy-ins, which invariably impacts their profit margin and market/industry relevance. History has revealed platforms like this, as a strategic marketing avenue, although expensive, but worthwhile for brands who are looking to make a difference and a statement to their competitors. However, this is an opportunity for brands to potentially exceed their fiscal projections”. In return for sponsorship, support, partnership or investment to co-drive this program comes with entitlements to prominent promotion throughout the event on National and International Television, local radio stations, as well as various social media platforms, as official sponsors of The Next Eagle Music show.

“The show covers all facets of musical talents, including duets, rap, R&B, soul music, reggae, and the host of others, and is open to groups, individuals, families, and so on. It is based on the methodology that becoming a musical star in the creative/entertainment industry requires more than the mere ability to sing. Thus, contestants are judged based on other factors of industry success including the ability to create original music. The confirmed Judges of the SHOW include; LARRY GAAGA, DJ LAMBO, AND MAGNITO, with LASISI ELENU as the host of the program.

She further added that, “although it is primarily a music show, it will also accommodate dance, fashion, acting, and different aspects of artistic activities that showcases abilities and creativity with a huge elements of ‘Reality’ where the daily lifestyle of participants will be televised; from daily living, to rehearsals, to trainings, etc. This platform is to provide opportunities for these talent and an avenue for prospective investors/sponsors/partner for a rewarding and continuous economical/financial returns”.

“This is the very first edition of this program, we are about to launch the “Pilot Copy/Trailer” of the show, and immediately Kickstart nationwide campaigns/promotion and operations from auditions to main event between now till year end, and of course, this is not going to be the last edition. The show endures, year after year we are going to continue to drive this world stage for talents and  an economic expansion experience for potential investors,  said Olatunji, Candy O. (Mrs). Candy Olatunji.

“Our marketing strategy will require a significant capital investment.  However, based on anticipated growth projections, I and my team have had months-long planning, preparations and a level of operational executions to make this happen and at this stage, we are on our way to the sky as potential investment interests continues to spark up,” she concluded.


The SHOW auditions by scope will be conducted in four (4) states in Nigeria; Lagos for south-west, Port-Harcourt for south-south and south-east, Kano for north, and Abuja for central.


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