The empowerment of the girl child in Nigeria has improved!- Dr lady Chinor Emeka

By: Adenike Adeeko
Published: August 27, 2021

In an exclusive interview with Dr lady Chinor Emeka, she spoke on her foundation, family, business, and the launching of her book.

She said Yes, that she’s the founder of Heritage awards after categories, the national heritage and the African heritage awards.

when asked what it feels like to own an award like that she said it is interesting, it exposes her to researching great-minded individuals who have contributed to promoting and upholding their national heritage and African heritage. 

African countries who through their government have upheld their heritage and use it as a means of promoting tourism in their various countries, owning the brand has exposed her to know a lot of African countries who have used that medium to expose their country to the world globally.

She said she was never the miss heritage of Nigeria, she founded it, so they crown smart intelligent young ladies who understand what it means to represent themselves, their community, and the country at large by promoting and upholding their cultural heritage.

Speaking of Caires grooming agency, she mentioned that it started in March 2011. It is an organization that teaches ethnic, moral, and cultural values to our youths.

They groom staff of corporate bodies, private firms, etc.

 She said she would definitely refer to herself as an Entrepreneur. 


About her background, she said she’s the first child of chief honorable Doctor and lady Emeka Ukaegbu, the First of nine children from inyishi ikeduru local government area of Imo state, and She’s blessed to have them.

Moving on, she emphasized how key she is into humanitarian activities, she said it is inborn and her key is to do what she knows how to do best, by doing it happily, when needed and when due.

African heritage foundation was founded in 2017 and it focuses on restructuring dilapidated community schools, equipping their library, and taking children back to school.

Her advice for the young people especially (girls) would be, for those who have gone through the four walls of primary to tertiary institutions, should make good use of their certificates.

Everybody has talent, God blessed us all with talents so they need to look within themselves to bring it out. And the key to success is to stay prayerful and the sky will surely not be their limit. But for those struggling to get into a school that is where the African heritage foundation comes into play. Above all, I will advise them to read more books because no knowledge is wasted.

Some greatest lessons she has learned, she said according to her Dad, Hon. Doctor Emeka Ukaegbu, would say,

“No me without you, meaning life is about a collective effort it is a secret and a weapon to success”.

Another one from her Dad would be, “it is not good enough to work hard but to work smart”.

Another lesson she learned is that, according to Nelson Mandela; “it always seems impossible until it is done”.

And according to George Washington, “we trust, the experience of error will enable us to act better in the future”.

She said she has learned a lot of lessons from these great men.

She also stated that if given the opportunity to do something different in Nigeria, she’s most passionate about the educational policy in Nigeria, a policy ensuring subjects such as history, cultural identity, and value, as well as civil rights, should be introduced into the educational system from the primary level. This will equip our kids with basic human values in society.

So the educational sector is where she would love to improve on. But she will not deny the fact that the current Minister of Education State, Hon. Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba has done tremendously well, we must give kudos to him. She said he is her role model in that light and she will be following in his footsteps.

She spoke about how the empowerment of the girl child in Nigeria has improved massively, she said it has taken a positive turn in this present year, thanks to individuals and few organizations for contributing to making it a success.


In Conclusion, she spoke about personal plans, plans for her foundation and business.

She said plans for her personal life are to raise a family, while plans for the foundation are to continue to work hard towards the vision, mission, and goals of the foundation.

For business she says she is currently an author as she just launched a book, she’s so excited. 

Her book will be in bookstores and online platforms like Amazon. The title of her book is “My heritage Africa 2063” speaking about the book she said, it serves as a call to both African elders and youths, systematically it explores the past and present challenges of the African continent while drawing attention to the potential solution to these challenges in order to secure a prosperous future for the African continent.

She said it is a book she believes everybody should have a copy and read. It exposes you to where we were with the Colonial era and Post-colonial era, Neo colonization. It is a wake-up call to solve and find the solutions and challenges we face as Africans. 


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