Where earthbound travelers can search for extraterrestrial life

Are we alone in the universe? According to the United States government, the answer is still up in the air. © NoneWilliam Jack Welch, a radio astronomer at the University of California, Berkeley, watches the radio telescopes of the Allen Telescope Array at the University of California’s Hat Creek Radio Observatory in Hat Creek, Calif., Dec. […]

Amazon magnate Bezos ready to ride his own rocket to space

The wealthiest man on the planet Jeff Bezos will ride his own rocket to outer space on Tuesday, a key moment for a fledgling industry seeking to make the final frontier accessible to elite tourists. Blue Origin has planned its first crewed mission, an 11-minute hop from west Texas to beyond the Karman line and back […]

Bidder pays $28m for space trip with Amazon boss

Amystery bidder has paid $28m (£20m) for a seat on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s first crewed spaceflight by the billionaire’s Blue Origin company. This winning bid was made at Saturday’s auction, with Blue Origin tweeting that the winner’s identity would be revealed in the coming weeks. The bidding process attracted interest from more than 140 countries. […]

Google’s Pixel Buds A-Series are a seriously affordable AirPods alternative

Google’s new wireless earbuds are noticeably cheaper than the Apple AirPods Google has officially unveiled the Pixel Buds A-Series and, just as predicted, they cost significantly less than the AirPods. For just £99 ($99, about AU$140), Google’s wireless buds promise Bass Boost, hands-free controls via Google Assistant, and Fast Pairing. The A-Series buds leaked online as far back as […]


Summer is coming, and that means beach body season is almost here, too. We believe that your body already looks summer-ready. However, if you’ve made plans to hit the gym, then you need the perfect playlist to keep you motivated. Earbuds may not be your favorite workout gadgets. However, these ComfoBuds True Wireless headphones are designed and […]