Singer Davido splashes millions on 23 diamond studded pendants for his crew members known as 30bg 

By: Ayobamidele Olowolagba
Published: September 2, 2022

The singer Davido posted on his instagram story 1st September 2022 showing off ‘23 diamond studded pendants and some Cartier glasses with the initials of his crew members’ he got for them.

The 29years old singer then made a post on his instagram story after 4hours of showing off his crew members diamond studded pendants tagging the jeweler of the pendants on the post that he wants 30 more pieces of the diamond studded pendants “Yo@bennydaieweler I need another 30 ….Nah now I know say pple dey 30BG”

The jeweler then made a repost of the story with the caption “ANOTHER 30 PIECES ON ITS WAY”

Source : Seva Magazine


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