PDP Lawmakers Suggest 3-point Agenda For Peace

By: Tobi
Published: June 12, 2021

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Caucus in the House of Representatives has urged the federal government to respect June 12 as the symbol of democratic freedom and supremacy of the people’s power.

The lawmakers also highlighted a 3-point demand to move Nigeria away from the abyss of total destruction under the President Buhari-led administration.

A statement signed by the caucus leader, Rep Kingsley Chinda, noted that June 12 as a symbol of democratic freedom and supremacy of the people’s power should be respected by ensuring that all the tenets of democracy are adhered to in all ramifications.

To this end, the Caucus made a three-point demand to help Nigeria embrace peace including improved democratic practice by respecting the rule of law and press freedom, starting with the immediate reversal of the suspension of Twitter in Nigeria and setting aside the draconian regulation of the media in the country.

Secondly, the caucus also demanded that government places greater value on the lives of Nigerians and take decisive and pragmatic steps to end the avoidable carnages and deaths in the land by adopting mindset change programmes.

In addition, the lawmakers urged the government to restrain the Police and other security forces from further unleashing violence on unarmed youths and other peaceful protesters who choose to go out and exercise their rights in commemoration of this year’s Democracy Day and on any other day they so desire, having led a peaceful protest in the past.

“June 12 presents to our people another opportunity for introspection and to look back on the democratic journey of our nation, the road taken and not taken, and the sacrifices of citizens that make the day as historical as the memories that map both the journey and introspection. If the sacrifices of our people make the celebration of our nascent democracy worthwhile, it is because our people have come to cherish the blood, tears, and toil of those whose sacrifices make the enjoyment of their rights and freedoms essential to democracy.

“June 12 is not only about introspection, but it is also about renewing the commitments of all to the growth of democracy in our dear county, Nigeria, as it is about ensuring that our country is never again enveloped by darkness, hemmed to the abyss by the sinister forces that threaten our collective rights and freedoms.

“Never in our history have freedom become so threatened and endangered than now. Down the length and breadth of our country, people are not only being arrested and detained, but they are also denied the right to life guaranteed by Section 33 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999. Homes have become mourning parlous,” the statement stated.

SOURCE; https://leadership.ng/june-12-pdp-lawmakers-suggest-3-point-agenda-for-peace/


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