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PDP Chair says Buharis Love for Loans turned Nigeria into a begging Country

The Chairman of the PDP, Dr Iyochia Ayu, says the number of foreign loans Nigeria attracted under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari and the economic difficulties in the country have made Nigeria a beggar in the comity of nations.

He also said that by doing taking so many loans and making life difficult for Nigerians, the APC-led government has turned Nigeria into the poverty capital of the world.

Ayu, who stated all these in a chat with the Hausa service of the BBC, also said: “It is generally known that since the assumption of power of the incumbent government, they couldn’t fulfil promises made to Nigerians. We don’t lie, say we’ve done what others have done or are doing. Now, we are ever ready to make amends.”

Ayu said it is disheartening that Nigerians cannot travel safely from Kaduna to Abuja.

“The situation in our country is so bad that anyone on a journey from Abuja to Kaduna, whether by road or by rail, would not have a peaceful mind,” he said. “It is a must that we right the wrongs in our party, so as to get people’s support. Every side must be given the chance to comment so that together, we work in unison to achieve what the people desired.

“We shall discuss with people to hear their views because we would not trust the Nigeria of today in which people are diverting official things for their interest, rather than for the people. “

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