” my life is extremely detailed and I have to be very cautious in whatever I do”- oxlade

By: Adenike Adeeko
Published: August 21, 2020

Oxlade is a British name generated by his grand father, who lost his best friend and decided to name him oxlade. 
Oxlade makes real and experienced music that’s soothes the soul, and includes love and every other aspect of life.

He was influenced musically by Wande Coal. Oxlade saw him as the inspiration behind his singing and his best performance was at the O2 arena with a crowd of people he believed don’t know him but still sing his song, Oxlade saw this as and inspiration and a blessing. 
Oxlade does not plan on going back to his previous school LASU, but still plans on studying music business professionally. As an artist, the biggest problem he had to overcome personally so far is the fact that he is an extremely sensitive individual and could be referred to as the shy one. He also had to learn how to perform and at the same time appease the crowd. if there is one thing Oxlade could change in the Nigerian music industry, it is the idea of fans waiting for an artist to be validated before they are believe in them, and that there is a lot of fake love within the music industry. 
The part of him being a musician he detests, is that everything he does in his life is now planned, he says he isn’t as free as he used to be. According to him, ” my life is extremely detailed and I have to be very cautious in whatever I do”. He went on to say that if he wasn’t doing music, he’d probably be working at the embassy cause he studied International relations, but for now Oxlade’s next move thing for him is to make more videos and get a couple of features. 

As regards the covid 19 pandemic, Oxlade noted that everything has changed in the world, and that people have become more digitalized, He stated that the pandemic has affected a lot of his opinions, that he now has to wait for about three months before he could do ranks in Abuja, he said it has influenced a lot of his options but regardless he has more surprises to come. 
Oxlade concluded by letting his fans know that the most trouble he has gotten into is a pregnancy scare and he never collects critics from people he never went to for advice.


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