Covid didn’t stop breakthrough transformations- Minister of Fitness

By: Adenike Adeeko
Published: August 21, 2020

1) What’s your fitness specialty?

I actually have 2 specialities, I have a combat based background as a once active Mixed Martial Arts Professional ranked number 9 bantam weight in the U.K including Ireland and Wales.

Alot of my training styles and approach is combat based so that is one specialty of mine .

The second is Post Partum exercise. I have a level 4 certification that permits me to help new mothers have a “snapback”. I specialized in this as a huge part of the market is women and mostly mothers and its extra comforting to women who are planning to be mothers . I can safely and realistically reintroduce new mothers into an active lifestyle

2) What qualifications do you have?
I have a level 3 personal trainer diploma , a level 4 post partum training certificate , emergency first responder certification and a diploma in cognitive behavioral therapy.

4) Do you create meal plans?
I used to create meal plans but after training thousands of clients and realizing that most fail to follow them, I now use my experience in the industry and my knowledge of psychology to help clients understand their bodies , relationship they have with food . This helps me give the client a sustainable healthier eating habit.

5) How do you track fitness goals?

As a personal trainer , I keep records and files of my clients. Journals that include food diaries , training diaries and they dont exclude your feelings as the day continues. I encourage clients to keep journals and I compare them to my own observation journals . Beautiful thing about the digital age is that our watches and mobile phones can help with these. Numerous apps available for free

6) What’s your preferred style of encouragement?

It’s not a one size fits all system. Some.clients respond to the drill sergeant style of encouragement. Some clients prefer a friendlier approach. Also I’m personally not the loud barking type but I am rather strict and some might say brutally honest. But I make it a point to appeal to whatever kind of approach will bring the best out of the client.

7. How have You been able to cope since the pandemic? Gyms are not open…
It’s been a super tough time for us as a business and for the industry as a whole . But our best feature as humans is adaptability . It’s not been all bad. It has been an eye opener for me especially as a trainer , business owner and futurist .
All work has been pushed to the digital front . Social media has been an incredible tool in this period .

8. What essentials do we need at home, to get the same results as we would at the gym?

As corny as this may sound , it’s still the truth…your number one essential for results is CONSISTENCY…this COVID-19 era has shown us the need to be creative . You dont even need equipment other than your body. This might sound counterintuitive towards my business but it’s the truth . Consistency with physical activity. Moderation and some DISCIPLINE with what you consume and BALANCE the two. I have had many breakthrough transformations during this lockdown period . Even personal ones for myself.

9. How do You track fitness goals during the pandemic?

Same tracking system as pre pandemic . Apps on our phones. My fitness pal, some preinstalled like apple health. Samsung health too ..brilliant stuff .


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