Lagos begins retrofitting of streetlights across the state

By: Tobi
Published: June 6, 2021

Lagos State Government has commenced the retrofitting of streetlights from High-Pressure Sodium Bulb (HPS) to Light Emitting Diode (LED) across the state.

Tijani submitted that the government’s commitment towards making the state a 21st-century economy is anchored on optical policies that guarantee a decent lightning structure, effective utilization of resources and simultaneous investment incentives and innovation.

According to him, to make a profound impact in the drive towards power sustainability and optimization of energy use in the state, significant change in investment is required and the board is appropriately adopting this conventional scheme to promote energy efficiency and management.

Describing the concept of the upgrade, Tijani stated that considering the technical requirements, installation design and safety standard, the upgrade will afford the state to utilize energy in an environmentally responsible manner and achieve mass-energy saving.

“The light-emitting diode is a rapidly-developing technology that is reshaping the energy sustainability landscape of the world, balancing economic growth and social progress with the preservation of the natural environment”, he acknowledged.

Tijani affirmed that the adoption of this form of resourceful energy practice in public spaces across the State will enhance operating efficiency and improve business practices.

While speaking on the efficacy of the new scheme, the General Manager pointed out that the transformation in the sector particularly the array of health benefits improvement of human wellbeing as a result of the significant reduction of Co2 emission.

“The diodes have touched new heights in the lighting industry with their exceptional energy efficiency, high luminous output, marathon longer working life, longevity, low maintenance cost and eco-friendly applications”, he assured.

Tijani further acknowledged that Government is also considering private investment in the retrofitting program, submitting that the present focus of LSEB is to ensure public lighting infrastructure delivered in Lagos meets world standards in quality, energy efficiency and aesthetics.

He stated that the government will be leveraging on private sector capital investments to expand the street lighting structure and model it to create sufficient regeneration protocol as it is been done in developed countries.



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