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Jonathan Advocates Use Of Technology To Tackle Corruption, Crime

Former President Goodluck Jonathan said to tackle crime and corruption requires not just top quality programmes by government but also technology.

Jonathan, who stated this at the 50th birthday celebration of former minister of aviation, Osita Chidoka, said it is difficult to state a rule and think that that would solve the problems.

Chidoka had marked his 50th birthday with a nation-wide racing event on Saturday, after which he lambasted the National Assembly for rejecting the electronic transmission of election results and advocated opportunities for youths in political offices.

But speaking at the reception held for the former minister in Abuja, the former president said, “The day you (Osita) were born was the day armed robbers were first shot in Nigeria, it speaks a lot. Very unique. Luckily you are not an armed robber. But gone were the days when armed robbers were being shot.

“Also, the crimes in the society, with the cases of armed robbery and others going on now shows clearly that bullets alone cannot stop it or other criminal activities in human beings.

“It requires top quality programmes of government, it requires technology, it requires a lot to stop armed robbery and all forms of crimes, including corruption that we talked about every day. Because it is difficult to stake a rule and think that that would solve the problems. As you are killing armed robbers, others are robbing the pockets in the same arena and that is the kind of society we are in today.

“Things are becoming more complex with the introduction of IT that is now ruling the world.”

He described Chidoka as a special person and gift to the nation and Anambra State.

He said he didn’t know Chidoka until when he got involved in politics and got to Abuja as a vice president and took over after his late boss President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua died.

He said, “Osita has now called us to come and celebrate his 50 years on earth. He has achieved results. He became the corps marshal of FRSC and he brought a lot of innovation, technology and ingenuity into the FRSC. He is somebody that can turn things around.”


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