Health Minister Greg Hunt says 2.9 million Australians have been fully vaccinated and almost one million vaccinations were administered in a week.

“What this means is we now have approximately 60 per cent of over 50s that have been vaccinated, 68 per cent of over 60s and 75.5 per cent of over 70s,” he said.

Mr Hunt said almost 10.3 million doses of the vaccine were given out in total, with 35.7 per cent of eligible people having had their first dose.

Mr Hunt spoke of the lockdowns affecting residents in New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria and said the federal government “recognise as necessary” the decision to lock down the states.

Hunt: 2.9 million Australians fully vaccinated

© Provided by Sky News AustraliaHunt: 2.9 million Australians fully vaccinated

“There is a global pandemic and whilst we have deep challenges, these challenges are vastly less than are seen in so many other countries.”

“We’ve done this before … we are vastly better placed this time, both through vaccinations and the lessons learned from that period, and we can do it and we’ll do it again.”

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