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Crypto trading app hits 700,000 users in Nigeria, Ghana

Bundle, a trading platform for cash and crypto, has said it has grown to over 700,000 users in Nigeria and Ghana since it launched its mobile application in 2020.


The firm added that it has grown its asset base to over 80 assets from the three it started with. It also announced the launch of its web application.


According to it, it has been able to cater to the need of its user base through the integration of Cashlink, a Peer-to-Peer payments platform, which has served as a gateway for crypto to cash transfers.


In a statement, the firm said, “With over a million transactions within its first 7 months, the success of Cashlink can be attributed to the escrow system which mitigates fraud from either side of the transaction.

“With the aim of helping users mitigate loss during a bear crypto market, they built simple tools to help users by releasing Bundle Leveraged Token series that gives users the ability to hold leverage on a cryptocurrency that can either multiply the loss or profit on an asset.”


The Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel Babalola, added, “To promote the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies and further set the minds of people at ease, trading should be as easy and convenient as possible for all people.

“This means that crypto services should be offered on multiple platforms with all users in mind and not just some”

According to the firm, it will expand across the continent this quarter. It said it is working with its risk and compliance team to remove phishing accounts on its platforms.


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