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Breast Cancer Month: Physician advocates regular check-ups for Nigerians

He encouraged women to visit healthcare facilities for proper guidance on breast examination.

President of the Nigeria Cancer Society, Adamu Umar, has advised women to undergo regular medical check-ups for early detection and prevention of breast cancer.

Mr Umar gave the advice in commemoration of  the ‘Breast Cancer Month’ organised by Hadidat Cancer Foundation on Saturday, in Damaturu.

“We advise people to go for medical check-ups from time to time, because breast cancer, along with other forms of cancer are all preventable, if detected early.

“We will not want a disease condition to progress beyond its initial stage, that is why we encourage prevention through awareness,” he said.

The physician also encouraged self breast examination by all women, noting that it is easy, simple and does not need a lot of education.

He encouraged women to visit healthcare facilities for proper guidance on breast examination.

Mr Umar explained that self breast examination was a situation whereby women would feel her breast every day for any abnormality if any, in order seek for immediate medical attention.

Miss Hadiza Manga, the Director, Hadita Cancer Foundation, said the celebration was to raise breast cancer awareness amongst Yobe women.

Ms Managa, who is also a breast cancer survivor said “Cancer is not a death sentence.

“That is why we want to educate women on early detection, prevention and treatment of the disease,” she said.


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