Award Winning MC Makopolo: Story Of An Engineer-turned Entertainer

By: Tobi
Published: June 27, 2021

With a Degree in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, not many would have imagined him embracing entertainment for a source of livelihood. For Mbam Uche Henry popularly known as MC Makopolo, entertainment, particularly comedy and acting come across as fun, a passion.

Described as the complete package given his foray in journalism where he was once a presenter at PulseTv and Radio Benue, MC Makopolo has gone on to carve a niche for himself, churning out humorous videos that have earned him recognition across the length and breadth of the country.

Now as the Chief Executive Officer of Pranks Nigeria, MC Makopolo has featured in a number of shows, anchoring over 500 conventional and official activities of critical personalities across Nigeria.

He’s currently winning millions of fans with his creativities via “#PranksNigeria, #Lifein60Sec, #MallamHabu, #Mugumap, and many more.

He set up his production company in 2018, even though his stand-up comedy professional business dates back to 2007. The same year, he featured as a guest of the then very popular program, “Gospel Laughter Night.”

He has been raking in millions of naira doing what he knows how to do best. For an all-around performer like MC Makopolo, this is not unexpected as his creativity was fated to earn him big from the outset.

Love for what he does has set him apart from the crowd. A man of multiple competencies, he has continued to show the world his ability to make the most of whatever he does.

Welcome to the world of Mbam Uche Henry popularly known as MC Makopolo.

Actor, journalist, and comedian, MC Makopolo has been a star performer in the last couple of years, winning a number of prestigious awards that can make his contemporaries grin with envy.

He has won Comedian Of The Year at Crock City People Awards and the Benue Profile Awards.

Others include Best Youth Comedian at Standup Comedians Awards; Best Comedian in Abuja (2011-2013) and Best Social Media Personality Of the Year 2018.

The story of this quintessential entertainer reminds us all of the need to give our best at whatever we do. It teaches us never to settle for less but to always strive for excellence.

That MC Makopolo is today a success story, a role model to the youths, and a patriotic Nigerian ready to contribute his quota to the development of the country, is a call for Nigerians regardless of age or class status to believe in themselves. With this belief, everything is possible.





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