Airport workers taking bribes from travellers to evade COVID-19 quarantine: FG

By: Tobi
Published: September 28, 2021

The Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) on COVID-19 has accused Nigeria’s airport workers of taking bribes from travelers to evade mandatory quarantine at airports.

The Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) on COVID-19 has accused Nigeria’s airport workers of taking bribes from travellers to evade mandatory quarantine at airports.

On Monday, the PSC decried the extortion by the airport workers.

“The PSC has noted with dismay, fraudulent activities at airports by employees who extort money from quarantine evaders,” said the chairman of the committee, Boss Mustapha, speaking at the national briefing of the PSC on Monday. “The authorities are conducting necessary investigation into various reports received.”

FAAN spokeswoman Henrietta Yakubu told Peoples Gazette that the airport authorities needed time to find out the truth about the allegation.

“Honestly, our security is investigating so I cannot preempt them. Let them find out first. We need to find out if there is any truth to that statement, so you have to give us time, but I cannot preempt them. You can call again,” said Ms Yakubu.

Mr Mustapha, who is also Secretary to the Government of the Federation, also explained that the PSC had taken note of challenges raised by travellers who visit the ‘National International Travel Portal’ in compliance with travel protocols.

“Notable progress is still being made in the area of vaccines. More than 3.5m doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are being expected from the USA this September, while about four million doses of Astrazeneca is being expected early next month,” disclosed Mr Mustapha. “Nigeria will be receiving more than one million doses of Johnson and Johnson vaccine shipment on a monthly basis. The PSC is committed to access enough vaccines for the 70 per cent eligible persons in the country in record time.’’

While warning against complacency, he explained that “global cases have been on a decline for some time now, but there’s need for more caution,” especially among Nigerians.

“The PSC has observed that caution is needed rather than over-confidence. To slide into complacency can be very fatal, hence the need for serious caution and adherence to non-pharmaceutical intervention measures,’’ he stressed.

On UK’s advisory on COVID-19 vaccines and changes to international travel rules, Mr Mustapha stated, “The British high commissioner in Nigeria has stated that the UK government supports the vaccination programme irrespective of where the vaccines were manufactured.”

He further noted that “Britain will open up international travels using a standardised COVID-19 vaccination certification process” to allow for ease of travel from other countries, including Nigeria.




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