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Ayokunle Akinbode- Psychologist, entrepreneur, and hospitality guru.

Akinbode is one of the founders of HWP Group, a premier media, entertainment and hospitality company based in Nigeria.

In a fast-moving and money-hungry world, it may be difficult finding business leaders that are truly passionate about their work and dedicated to helping others. Ayokunle Akinbode has mastered the art of producing stellar businesses that provide jobs and entertainment to this community, while also remaining humble.

He and his business partner, Uyi Ogbebor, were aware of the prevalent issue of food insecurity in the Abuja region, and the lack of initiation from local Nigerian businesses to stay relevant in the digital media age. Both Akinbode and Ogbebor became inspired to start HWP Group to address such problems, and began working to develop reliable manufacturing, agricultural and technological services.

A businessman with an intense, entrepreneurial spirit, Akinbode works hard to ensure his company provides exceptional service to the local community and beyond. He gained experience and focused on food service in the region through his operation of a thriving nightclub in Abuja— Moscow Underground— and two booming restaurants in Abuja— Chow by Moscow and Tiki Cultures. This venture allowed him to help develop the local food sector and sponsor businesses in his community by using locally produced ingredients.

Akinbode constantly looks to the future, shaping his businesses to keep up with the times. His Hotwire Media company (a subsidiary of HWP Group), allows him to assist with developing content in the digital media age. This digital project has contributed to opportunities for growth and innovation in Abuja and beyond.

Akinbode understands people’s needs, and his entertainment and hospitality dealings have inspired the development of world-class luxury resorts, hotels and terrace apartments. His ambition to produce the highest quality services will only help him continue on his trajectory of success.


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